NEC Thailand Partners with AIRA Factoring to Enhance Digital Supply Chain Finance Services

2024/5/24 15:08:26

BANGKOK, May 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- NEC Corporation (Thailand) Limited (NEC Thailand) has announced a strategic partnership with AIRA Factoring Public Company Limited (AIRA Factoring) to elevate digital supply chain finance solutions through innovative technology and collaborative efforts. This partnership underscores NEC Thailand's commitment to leveraging its digital expertise to deliver comprehensive support and opportunities for clients and markets across Thailand.

Through this collaboration, NEC Thailand and AIRA Factoring will join forces as non-exclusive partners to provide a range of key services. This includes utilizing TASConnect, a solution owned by SCV Research and Development PTE. LTD., and other digital capabilities of NEC to create robust and efficient supply chain finance programs. Additionally, the partnership will focus on client acquisition by targeting specific groups and markets to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities. Both companies aim to share market knowledge and best practices to drive growth and success, offering expert advice on marketing, product development, and identifying potential business partners for mutual benefit.

"NEC Thailand is delighted to partner with AIRA Factoring to enhance digital supply chain finance services," said Mr. Ichiro Kurihara, President of NEC Corporation (Thailand). "This partnership represents a significant step towards achieving our shared goal of transforming supply chain finance through digital solutions. We are committed to fostering innovation, enhancing client experiences, and creating a robust ecosystem of mutually beneficial business relationships."

"This partnership between AIRA Factoring and NEC is a powerful driver for co-value creation," says Mr. Akrawit Sooksai, CEO of AIRA Factoring and Chairman of the Thai Factors Association. "By leveraging financial technology, we will unlock new avenues for innovation and deliver comprehensive financial services that fully meet the needs of our customers, ensuring mutual growth for both our organizations."

The partnership between NEC Thailand and AIRA Factoring signifies a joint commitment to drive innovation and growth in supply chain finance. This collaboration will benefit businesses of all sizes and contribute to the wider economic development of Thailand and beyond.

About NEC Thailand

NEC started official activity in Thailand in 1962 by establishing a liaison office, and established NEC Thailand and NEC Communications Thailand (NCOT) in 1987 and 1988 respectively.

NEC Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. was formed in 2003 by merging these 3 entities to provide professional consultancy in IT technologies and professional service in Thailand. We have expertise and experience in a wide range of industries, superior professional service and support and solutions in the areas of customer experience, unified communication, cybersecurity, network infrastructure design, digital transformation solutions and platforms, manufacturing, enterprise platforms, retail solutions, and designed solutions for a sustainable society. In addition, NEC Corporation (Thailand) aims to connect all people equally and create long-term sustainability in our society.

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About AIRA Factoring

AIRA Factoring PCL is a Thailand-based company engaged in the business of receivable factoring. It provides short-term financing services by transferring creditor's rights or factoring services. In exchange for these services, the company finances the short-term cash flow. The company's clients vary from small to middle businesses that need short-term cash to fund their working capital. Its diversified portfolio of industries includes electronic equipment and parts, telecommunication, consumer products, and the health and beauty industry.

About TASConnect

Headquartered in Singapore, TASConnect is a wholly owned subsidiary of SC Ventures Holdings Limited and incubated through SC Ventures – Standard Chartered's innovation, fintech investment and ventures arm. We are a leading working capital solutions platform connecting complex enterprise ecosystems to deliver economic value with end-to-end visibility and control. We are firm believers in the principles of co-creation and collaboration with our clients.

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